Mario Coppola. Cosmogonies

Curated by Angela Tecce


14 Oct – 22 Dec 2017

Conceived around Apollo and Dafne Reloaded, a monumental site-specific installation modelled in smooth continuity with the Plart Foundation vaults, Mario Coppola’s exhibition, Cosmogonies, presents a series of large sculptures and reliefs made for the occasion. Inspired by the theories of complexity, the works are configured as the place where the inextricable intertwining between man, nature and machine takes shape. As deliberately polyvalent and hybrid objects emerging from the walls or the floor to conquer the space, the exhibited pieces are the result of a sensitivity full of reminiscences of ancient and modern art, from Bernini to Moore, to Michelangelo and Boccioni, combined with an unprecedented and incessant experimentation that, starting with the interest in organic and vitalistic principles, find its formal expression through the latest digital technologies, from virtual modeling to 3D printing. If, indeed, the ecosystem is both source of life and abode of man, while never denying the technological achievements, it is only in symbiosis with it that any anthropic activity is possible. In the solid theoretical framing of these premises is the genesis of the works on display, in which, once again, the dimensions of space, body and experience, pieces of reality and transfiguration processes, merge and recreate a multiform universe that becomes a manifest of our time.