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Plart is located in the heart of Naples, in the Chiaia district, at via Giuseppe Martucci 48. Part of the artistic and cultural route, at the center of various tourist and historical itineraries which include, among others, the Museo Pignatelli Cortes, the Palazzo delle Arti in Naples, the Stazione Zoologica Anton Dhorn, and various contemporary art galleries.
A stone’s throw from the Piazza Amedeo metro stop, Plart is housed in the former stables of a historic Neapolitan building, renovated and reclaimed to host two large exhibition galleries for the permanent collection and temporary exhibitions, a conference room, and an area dedicated to interactive installations featuring themes related to the history of polymers and eco-sustainability.


In Turin, the Fondazione Plart is located at via Francesco Cigna 112 in an former factory dating back to the early twentieth century, a fascinating industrial space abandoned and included in the virtuous process of urban regeneration which has already involved important companies and organizations such as the Museo Ettore Fico, the Edit gastronomic center, the Open Incet – Innovation Center Torino area, and the Docks Dora complex in the Barriera di Milano district.
The building, modernly renovated by the architect Alex Cepernich, is spread over approximately 3,000 square meters and is presented to the city with a large mechanical and multimedia installation located on the facade which, playing on the concepts of form and representation, is the evocative entrance portal – towards a dimension of light, color, and creativity. Inside, it houses a selection of the permanent collection, an area for temporary exhibitions, a large space dedicated to immersive multimedia experiences, as well as an archive, a bookshop, and a space open to the public to work and socialize.

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