by Studio Formafantasma
Curated by Marco Petroni


8 Oct 2011 – 28 Jan 2012

Botanica by Studio Formafantasma is a project commissioned and created for the Plart Foundation that explores the history of pre-synthetic plastics in an attempt to bring back to the surface memories and fragments of a story that starts from much further away than what is perceived in the flawless reflections of the objects that surround us.
In Botanica plastics are used in an unusual way, as precious and arcane details in an attempt to suggest a new post-industrial aesthetic. If today we can say we are heading towards a post-oil era, the pre-oil period seems to be rediscovered again in search of sustainable alternatives. Formafantasma’s work looks to the past as a source of inspiration to offer the public an alternative perspective on the idea of plastic, reinterpreting lost materials and techniques.