Ugo Marano. Exploded Charterhouse

Introduction by Remo Bodei and afterword by Pasquale Persico


Apr 2020
Opening hours

The Plart, after the 2015 exhibition Ugo Marano. A private collection curated by Marco Di Capua, is pleased to announce the publication of the second edition of the Exploded Charterhouse, a thesis that in 2003 earned Ugo Marano, at the age of 60, a doctorate and an honorary degree from the Department of Communication Studies of the University of Salerno for his search for new expressive languages.
The Exploded Charterhouse recounts his three-year journey made in Cilento alongside the economist Pasquale Persico. That journey allowed us to gather a collection of thoughts written with the “letter 22”, which today, put together as a chronicle of a journey of concrete poetry, help us think of the Artist as a contemporary urban planner.
Ugo Marano and Maria Pia Incutti have gained experience of friendship, empathy and reciprocity, developing the ability to speak about art as a necessary relational asset.
Strongly desired by the Plart, this new edition of the Exploded Charterhouse, with the introduction by Remo Bodei and afterword by Pasquale Persico, is a new intimate tribute to the artist and friend Ugo Marano.