Plart goes to Turin


Autumn 2020
Opening hours
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Great news ahead for the Plart Foundation, which in autumn 2020 goes to Turin to inaugurate its second location!
In via Francesco Cigna 112, work continues on setting up the new museum and multimedia space that will host a rich program of exhibitions, immersive installations, workshops, laboratories, performances and training projects dedicated to Art, Design and Innovation.
Located in a fascinating former factory dating back to the early twentieth century, Plart Torino is involved in the virtuous urban regeneration process of Barriera di Milano, a lively district that is experiencing a phase of great cultural ferment and which has already seen important companies and organizations such as the Museo Ettore Fico, the Edit gastronomic center, the Open Incet – Innovation Center Torino area, and the Docks Dora complex.
The building, modernly renovated by the architect Alex Cepernich, is spread over 3000 square meters and will present itself with a large multimedia installation placed on the facade which, moving during the day, like a mirror, will reflect the profile of the city revealing ever new forms, lights and colors. The interior has been designed as a flexible volume that will bring into dialogue an area dedicated to more traditional exhibits and an immersive and innovative space, with ultra-high definition projectors, holograms, interactive tables and cutting-edge technologies to accommodate multimedia exhibitions by CAPWARE lab. Light and dark will rhythmically mark a circular and modular path, designed to provide answers to future functions and continuous evolutions of cultural spaces.
The Plart Foundation is ready to show you its different souls who meet in a unique large project dedicated to creativity without borders. A place where it will be possible to imagine and create new ways of communicating culture, more flexible and immaterial, but at the same time rich in content and narratives.
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