Plart Vision, the new multimedia section of the museum

Plart Vision


8 October 2022
Opening hours
8 October 2022
10:00 – 21:00

Saturday October 8th, 2022 – h. 10.00 – 21:00

In the occasion of the XVIII Giornata del Contemporaneo, la Fondazione Plart presenta:
Plart Vision

Plart Vision is the new multimedia installation that enriches the exhibition offer of the Plart Museum. Created with the contribution of the Campania Region – General Directorate for Cultural Policies and Tourism, Plart Vision is a production of the Capware Lab, a company from the Campania region that represents excellence in the field of digital technologies applied to Culture.

The subject of the extraordinary immersive journey proposed by Plart Vision is The Century of Plastic, an enveloping story that recounts the great journey of the invention of plastic. When entering the Plart multimedia gallery, the visitor finds him/herself at the centre of a flow of images, sounds and texts that are suggestively combined together to communicate cultural contents and strong emotions. Starting with the bright spark that initiates the journey.

Chemical formulas, words in motion and an explosion of colours all frame the figures of scientists, captains of industry and designers who, as pioneers, explored the diverse world of plastics. The so-called material “of a thousand uses” appears here in a wide range of objects that have profoundly transformed domestic environments, work contexts and our lifestyle.

Not only synthetic polymers. Faithful to its mission, the Plart Foundation is at the forefront of safeguarding the environment and promoting a responsible and sustainable use of plastics, also through this innovative multimedia installation. In particular, after having traveled through the history of polymers, Plart Vision’s path browses through the tangible initiatives that the Foundation has implemented in recent years to promote artists and designers engaged in the field of non-polluting bioplastics. It is above all here that the new languages ​​of digital communication accept the challenge of speaking to the latest generations in order to convey contents of urgent relevance in the form of a game.

The three holographic display cases that are distributed along the gallery and the two interactive boards that allow the visitor to browse the Plart Collection’s catalogue were also created for this purpose.